Yanaka is a district in east of Toyko that still has an old town atmosphere of past decades.

Sitting woman in Yanaka cemetary
Cat sitting next to a cab
Man on a motorbike driving through Yanaka cemetary
Yanaka cemetary with Tokyo Skytree in the background
Gardeners at Yanaka cemetary
Parking cabs at Yanaka cemetary

We’ve started our stroll at Nippori Station, walked through the cemetary (all photos above) and then continued to the Yanaka Ginza (below). I didn’t write down that many places, but two I can remember: coffee at Kokonn and right next the Tokyo Bike Gallery.

Wooden building in Yanaka
Shop window with lots of clocks
Clothes rack in front of a shop
Woman on a bike going around the corner
Street and sidewalk in Yanaka
Car parking in a side street
Man taking a photo of cans in a garage
Cans in a garage
Stairs at Yuyake Dandan

November 2014. All photos taken with the Yashica Electro and Contax T3 loaded with Kodak Portra 160 ISO film.