“Kagoshima? Only old people go there.” So my friends in Tokyo told me before my trip and they were right. “I’d like to retire there.” Another friend who like me fell in love with this city.

Man With Umbrella
Umbrellas on the Bridge
Sidewalk in the Rain
Inside Tramway
Good Neighbors

Above you see the outside of Good Neighbors, a very nice cafe and store in Kagoshima. Other places I can recommend: coffee at Coffee Innovate, cake at Yano Cake Ten Moku, pizza at L’Oro Di Napoli (the city is also called the Naples of the Eastern world) and ramen at Gonbei (which is such a welcoming place, even though they spoke no English and me no Japanese). The photos below show the ferry to Sakurajima and Furusato Onsen, which is heated by the volcano and overlooking the Kagoshima Bay (unfortunately it closed recently).

Overlooking the Sea

April 2012. All photos taken with the Yashica T5 loaded with Fuji Neopan 1600 ISO film.