Kentucky Fried Chicken branch on the other side of the street
Entrance to Nijo market
Front of Kotobuki Coffee
Sapporo Skyline taken from the TV Tower
Sapporo TV Tower from below
Outside of Cafe Mori Hiko
Parking motorbikes on a leaves covered street
Inside of a bus driving around Sapporo
The head of Atama Daibutsu peeking out of the hill
Atama Daibutsu
Water garden next to Atama Daibutsu
Entrance to the tunnel leading to Atama Daibutsu
Tunnel leading to Atama Daibutsu

In October 2019 I’ve visited Sapporo for the first time and enjoyed it a lot. Here are some recommendations: Nijo Market (second photo) (have lunch at Donburi Chaya inside the market). On the other side of the street there’s Kotobuki Coffee (third photo). Also nearby there’s the beer bar Moon Sun Brewing. For food there are three ramen places I’ve tried out: Ramen Shingen (get the fried rice as well), Japanese Ramen Noodle Lab Q (went there twice) and Sapporo Ramen Haruka. And if you want a break from ramen: Pizza Joint Pike was great. A bit outside of the center there’s Morihico Coffee, a nice café near Maruyama Park. And please do visit the Makomanai Takino Cemetery with the Hill of the Buddha, a shrine designed by Tadao Ando (last five photos).

All photos taken with the Fuji GF670 loaded with Kodak Portra film.