Random Things

Here are some of my favorite photos taken over the last years. All medium format photos were taken with the Fujifilm GF670, all black and white photos with the Yashica T5, the rest either with the Contax T3, Lomo LC-A or Yashica Electro.

Girl Sitting on a Building in Kamakura
Cliff in Westbay
Hotel Room
Diving the Shot
Jumping Into the Pool
Apartment in Paris
Backstreets of Tokyo
Bar in Venice
Beach in Ericeira
Phone Booth in Los Angeles
Pier in Istanbul
Building in Hongkong
Couple in Primavera
Golden Gate Bridge
Guy With Motorbike in Williamsburg
Man With Umbrella in Kagoshima
Overlooking the Desert
School Boys and Deer
Sulky in Palermo
Sun Soaked Building in Hongkong
Surfer in Kamakura
Dog in Car