Hong Kong, Kowloon & Lantau

Man on Soccer Field
Grocery Store
Hosing the Street
Cleaning the Car
Tian Tan Buddha
Choi Hung Estate

A short list of tips for Hong Kong: coffee at Common Ground, Barista Jam, Knockbox Coffee Company, Common Room & Co, shopping at Odd One Out, Gold Yard and Midway, drinks at Nocturne Wine & Whisky Bar and Ginger Whisky Bar, the best tsukemen ramen at Shugetsu and everything we’ve tried from the Michelin Hong Kong street food guide was great – take this great summary by Will Fly for Food as reference.

December 2017 and January 2018. All photos taken with the Fujifilm GF670 and Contax T3, both loaded with Kodak Portra film.