Here Comes the Night Time

Skyline of Fukuoka at night
Traffic lights in an empty sidestreet in Fukuoka
Empty street in Fukuoka with street lights at night
Closed store fronts in Fukuoka at night
Train tracks in Kyoto with a train passing by
Empty phone booth at the cover of two streets in Kyoto at night
Supermarket at night in Kyoto
Street next to rail tracks in Kyoto
Empty street in Tokyo shot from the hotel room balcony
Empty street with a train track in the background
Empty playground in Tokyo at night
Side street in Tokyo at night
Empty street in Fukuoka with a red traffic light in the distance
Sccer field lit by floodlight at night
Supermarket next to our hotels in Uno
Almost empty parking lot of a supermarket in Uno

These long exposures were taken on a trip around Japan in October and November 2019. I’ve used my Fuji GF670 loaded with Kodak Portra 160 film. For each city I’ve picked a set of four photos: the first were taken in Fukuoka (around Minoshima street), followed by Kyoto, then Tokyo (around Nakameguro) and last Uno.