None of these photos were shot in January 1998. But every time I am starting a new roll the data back of my Contax T3 resets its date. Sometimes it took me some shots to notice, sometimes even days and somehow I’ve even managed to change the data format at one point.

So here are lots of empty streets, storefronts and treets. The first photo was taken while queuing up for Kayaba Coffee – this is a really nice kissaten worth checking out (also listed in my coffee guide to Tokyo).

Kayaba Coffee in Yanaka
A parking truck in a cemetery
Working cutting trees in front of a supermarket
Traffic lights
An old building in Yanaka
Construction site
An empty street in Tokyo
An empty street in Tokyo
A biker on an empty street in Tokyo
Tokyo Skytree in distance
Water buckets in a cemetery
Train tracks next to a street
Flea market
A supermarket in Tokyo
Parking bikes in front of a shop
Panasonic store
A street corner in Osaka
Osaka Shinsekai
Passing train
Man passing by on bike
Hair Fashion Salon Sudo
Trees in Sapporo
A truck parking in front of an hair salon
A tree lined road in Sapporo

The first sixteen photos are showing Tokyo, the next four Osaka and the last four Sapporo. October and November 2019.